Chakras Energises Subtle Body

What are chakras?
They are seen as rotation vortices away from the physical body by ancient yogis who were clairvoyants. Chakra is a Sanskrit word and means wheel. Chakras are energy centre on the subtle body and they perform many functions and one of the functions is to take care of the health of the organs and part of physical body that they control. They receive prana and distribute them to these required areas.
Where are these chakras located?
These chakras are located on the subtle energy body and some are connected to the spine and the other through the Nadis to the nervous system .
How many chakras are there on the human body?
There are many chakras and most books would depict the 7 chakras, there are many more chakras. These chakras can be divided into major, minor chakras, mini chakras and sub-mini chakras.
Can any one detect the chakra?
Yes, the chakra can be detected using a simple pendulum made from tissue. By holding the pendulum about 25mm or 1 inch above the chakra and soon there would be a movement. The pendulum may rotate clockwise, anticlockwise, horizontal, vertical, oval and no movement. All this rotation indicates the different conditions of chakras.
What are Nadi?
These are channels through which Prana flows from one chakra to the other and to the entire area of the physical body. Any blocks in the Nadi would reduce or stop the flow of Prana and eventually causing problem in that area
How many Nadi are there?
Ancient Indian text indicates that there are 72,000 Nadi. The main Nadi in the subtle body are the Ida, Pinggala and the Susumuna. The Prana flows along the main Nadi i.e. the left (Ida) and right (Pinggala) sides of the spine and on the spine itself (Susumuna). These Nadis are very similar to the Chinese meridian and acupressure points.
How does breathing generate Prana?
When we breath we not only take in the oxygen but the Prana in the air. These Prana then is channelled through the Nadi into the Chakras and then to the physical body. By doing certain type of breathing one can generate tremendous amount of Prana where the whole body starts to absorbs the Prana.
What types of breathings are taught in Prana Violet Healing?
Simple Breathing, Prana Breathing, Yogi Breathing and Balance Breathing. Anyone suffering from migraine can easily overcome this by just doing the balance breathing regularly.
Can anyone do this breathing?
These are natural breathing and can be done by anyone. They moment we are born we breath naturally and this can be seen on babies and also on most people when they sleep. As we grow older we have forgotten the natural way of healing. Many times we have met people who do not breathe with the nose but with the mouth.

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