Natural Ice Creams With Fruity Flavours For Taste Buds @ The Fruit Creamery

Imagine tasting guava in a creamy rich ice cream topped with chilly powder and salt. Already your taste buds are tingling thinking about the flavour right? Well, The Fruit Creamery at Saibaba colony have 20 such exciting fruit flavours in ice cream made from high fat milk.
The store serves pure and rich ice creams made without adding any artificial flavours. The choice of flavours vary in accordance with seasonal fruits. Some of their most popular flavours include rose and almond where real rose petals are added to give real and rich flavour.
Tender coconut, Custard apple and classic flavours like chocolate, butterscotch top their most bought flavours. Seasonal ice cream flavours are jackfruit, grapes, mango which sell like hot cakes. They also have some exotic flavours like lemon grass making this store go to place to experience quality natural ice creams in the city.
Apart from scoops they also have candies (ice cream sticks) in select flavours which kids enjoys the most. The Fruit Creamery is all set to launch milkshake varieties which will be priced at 110 INR per serving
They have also planned to launch waffles where you can choose your own toppings!
They are available in popular online ordering portals like Swiggy and Zomato. The store on Mondays from 5pm to 10pm and from Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 11pm.
For more details you can e-mail them at
—Surya Harish

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