Brown Basket, A Store House of Nuts, Dates, Dried Fruits

Have you had the sudden craving for nutella dipped roasted almonds but not sure where you could source the authentic Nutella and high quality roasted almonds? All your gourmet food cravings are met at the Brown Basket store in Saibaba Colony which houses all the exotic nuts, dates and dried fruits varieties from around the world. Been in the food industry for over a decade as exporters of all food grade varieties, The company has newly ventured into importing products from major brands around the world to give the customers the authentic taste of the brands which varies highly from the Indian version of the same brand.
Brown Basket houses high quality nuts, dates and dried fruits along with imported products like the matcha tea, tinned and canned foods sourced from different parts of the world. The dry fruit variety includes exotic varieties blueberry, blackberry and raspberry which are difficult to find in stores across Coimbatore. They are carefully chosen to ensure highest of quality and to be healthy for customers. They also provide jams made from raspberry and other fruit varieties. Apart from these they also have health seeds like sunflower seeds, flax seeds etc., Sivaprasad, Managing Partner of Brown Basket said, “We carefully procure products of high quality to ensure people can buy international products at best price and quality.”
Brown Basket concentrates on native food products like the brown sugar varieties which include pana kalkandu, karumbu sakkarai, jiggery etc., They are also traders of millet varieties and millet based products like noodles and vermicelli. These are healthy option compared to the maida based noodles and other food products that are causing health hazards in the long run. They also provide customized gift boxes in various ranges. Customers can choose their choice of nuts, dry fruits or more and pack them in beautiful gift boxes which will be a perfect and healthy surprise for their loved ones. For more details on their products and other enquiries, please call – 095855 96550

—Surya Harish

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