Prana Violet Healing For Effects of Cords

A person is subjected to certain effects of cords which include Physical Ailment/ Pain, Emotional Disturbance, Mental Disturbance and various types of blocks.
Whether you are sending out a cord it is your prana which will leave the body in the form of cord so you will become depleted in energy and chakras from where cord is going out will become disturbed.
Cord is a result of negative emotions and thoughts so your aura will also be disturbed and life force will be unnecessarily consumed by the negative thought patterns being created by the mind and it can make you feel agitated and stressed and can cause physical pains too.
When the cord come to your chakra, it will again disturb the supply of energy to that region, Block the flow of Prana in the nadis and will slowly affect the whole system. If an angry cord come to you, it can create anger in you, if a lustful cord comes to you, it can create lust in you, same holds true for other emotions like sadness, anxiety, worries etc. You will start to manifest the same behaviour.
unknowingly person will become confused and frustrated and will not understand why such thoughts or emotions are controlling his mind.
If cord is lodged for a long time in a chakra / on a body organ it can create serious physical problems,
Example:1 – a cord on heart chakra for many years can result in blocks in physical heart. Example:2 – a cord on sex chakra/ uterus for many years can result in uterine cancer or block in conceiving. Example:3 – a cord on pancreas may not allow patient to recover from diabetes.
Cords cannot be cut or thrown to earth, sun etc because cords are negative thoughts of people directed towards to you and unless their thoughts become positive towards you, they will continue to send these cords.
You can stop these cords coming to you and affecting you become positive and forgiving towards these people and bless them. So you have to change within yourself.
In order to protect yourself you have to forgive others and ask forgiveness from them and very importantly to establish a strong connection with God so that Gods protection will automatically come to you.
Forgiveness Affirmation is to remove any unhealthy links that come into our energy bodies and cause problems to the physical body.
The affirmation removes all the energy cords and these cords are one of the causes of very terminal disease such as cancer, depression, unexplained pains and disease and sickness that cannot be treated medically.

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