Hitech Diagnostics At Womens Center by Motherhood To Detect Birth Defects, Growth of Baby

Maternal – Fetal Medicine Department at Womens Center by Motherhood consists of a team of well qualified experts in fetal and maternal medicine. They are experienced in taking specialized care of complex maternal-fetal problems such as maternal medical problems high risk pregnancies, fetal growth problems, fetal well-being, fetal abnormalities. Complete range of services covering fetal scans, procedures, genetic and multidisciplinary counselling. Advanced imaging and diagnostics are available here to detect potential birth defects and growth problems, before birth.
As a matter of routine prenatal care for all pregnant women, we recommend a detailed ultrasound examination to be performed at 11 weeks and 20 weeks of pregnancy.
Why should you have an anomaly scan?
Though most of the babies are born normal, all women, regardless of their age, have a small risk (5%) of delivering an infant with some physical and mental abnormalities, many of which can be diagnosed with an anomaly scan.
What exactly is assessed in these scans?
The baby is examined in detail from the head to foot. The baby’s movements, the placenta, the amniotic fluid and the birth canal – cervix are also assessed. If warranted baby’s blood supply can also be assessed (Doppler studies).
Is anomaly scan 100 % accurate?
While majority of anomalies are identified at 20 week, some develop beyond 20 weeks, particularly intestinal problems, few abnormalities of the brain. Some problems like tiny holes in the baby’s heart may be evident only after birth.
What if the scan shows a possible problem?
In the unlikely event of any variation from normal, parents are appropriately counselled regarding the expected out-come and further management options.
Does anomaly scan detect Down syndrome?
At times, there may be “soft markers” like – thick skin behind the neck, absent nasal bone, that may be associated with chromosomal problems like Down syndrome. Further tests can be done to rule out chromosomal problems.
What are the factors limiting an anomaly scan?
The ultrasound study is limited by several factors like obesity, scars from previous surgeries, baby’s position, multiple pregnancy and reduced amniotic fluid.
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Dr. Selvanandhini G
MBBS, MD (OG), Post Doctoral Fellowship in Fetal Medicine

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