Make Memories Thru’ Sweet Surprises To Loved One

Life gives us surprises in each and every moment. All these surprises in a way or other connected with emotions and feelings. Emotions are physical state of body’s response and feelings are associated with bodily reactions and mental experiences. We require both for keeping the relationship alive.
As we say, seeing is believing. Expression in relationship is very essential and it’s the life line for having healthy and happy life. Relationships forms the basics for family structure and community bonding.
People are binded through traditions, cultures and belief systems. Such systems are build on trust and values. We value relationship in any name such as parents, friends, siblings and relations. We celebrate each relations and relationships in a unique manner.
Similarly this week, the world is busy celebrating valentine day and national marriage week. Much awaited day and moment for many of us to express our feelings to our loved ones. It need not be lovers only. Love is universal and its presence is ubiquitous. Such days are special days in the calendar only.
In life such moments are happening regularly but we need special days to remind us to feel very much special about ourself and our loved ones. Learn and plan to celebrate each day with our loved ones. Make it more memorable on special days.
Make memories by giving sweet surprises to parents, have fun with siblings, prank with friends, gift for spouse and get together with neighbours. Such moments are earmarked in the history for nurturing in future days. Value relationship to be valued.
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