Digital Detox Camp For Kids at DT Academy

We are gearing up for summer this year and we cannot wait to meet young minds eager to learn new things, curious to explore and have fun while doing so. what better place to do it than DT ACADEMY, a safe, secure and happy environment for your child.
Run by Dr.S. Ashok & Dr.T.Swetha, this camp aims not just to provide your children exposure to different kinds of art & craft, emphasis on fitness through kids yoga & dance, this camp also aims to help your child learn to focus and be disciplined through kung-fu. This special camp is not just for fun because for the first time in camps, the children are going to be taught about various first aid measures through role play apart from letting these minds explore and understand science basics which we see on a daily basis.
We are too excited and cannot wait for the queries, responses and excitement from our little explorers who come into the camp. To know more, call us on 93443 35035 or 0422 2232211. Take this opportunity to let your kids get off the couch, away from video games, cell phones and television.
Wondering what to do with your toddler while your older child has gone off to camp. We at DT ACADEMY provide DAY CARE facilities also. MOMS can spend their time too with our fun Zumba sessions, Bollywood dance, soap making classes, exciting weekend sessions and much more.

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