Skills Alone Can Make A Dream Career

Will a right course lead to right career? More often than not, right course never fetches the right career for many. It’s quite common to witness students getting much contented after choosing their dream course as if they have bagged their dream job. Nevertheless, choosing a right course is just a ticket to travel from school to college. Need to purchase other tickets like entry ticket for doing add on courses; pass for equipping skills and visa for moving to the next level. To be precise, degrees are just passports. One need to get visa which means talents to get suitable placement of their choice.
Though, we would have started with the conviction of making dreams come true. In the process, each one of us would have encountered different pathways and stories that would have changed life’s path. Some would have started their journey and traveled to an unknown destination, some traveled their journey mid-way, few could make it near to destination, some it’s still a dream come true and handful of people would have made it. Irrespective of life’s incidents, it’s very essential to realize their dreams at the end.
During this process, many would have chosen a job for livelihood or take care of basic necessities, pay fee or as add on income.
The intention of getting paid for any work is good, but eventually need to think whether this is going to be the time gap arrangement to reach my dream career or going to be a job forever.
Recently, the study says many youngsters who started doing menial or errand jobs would end up making it as a full time job. This is due to easy money, no commitment, no using brain, no reporting structure and they feel no stress or pressure from boss. Unfortunately, they failed to realize that the job which enthralls their mind and pocket is temporary, monotonous, no growth in terms of money and job. This could be a stagnant phase after few months or probably a year. Then what next?
Such is the prevailing scenario with youngsters, college students and graduate. Instead of focusing on a larger picture, their attentions are narrowed down to an immediate requirement and needs.
After some time, they feel nothing is moving ahead in life and stuck. That’s the time, slightly feel a pinch in career and life. Where am I heading?
“Something is better than nothing; nothing is better than something” at times. When choosing a career it’s very important to choose even a part time or freelance job that leads to your dream career.
The key things to be considered in choosing a job are (1) whether it leads to my dream job (2) will it be a value addition for my profession (3) is there a career growth (4) any opportunities to use my skills and abilities and (5) am I getting a mentor or coach to lead me in the right direction.
Everyone aspires to achieve their dream job! The difference between a person who made it because it’s a “Dream Career” and who doesn’t made it because for them “Career as Dream” only.
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