Helping Women Get Their Dream of Motherhood A Reality Thru’ Laparoscopy

Women’s wellness is of great significance, because her emotional wellness is far more entrenched in her physical wellness than in the case of men. A lot happens inside women particularly during menstruation cycles. A lot happens inside her when she ages. A lot happens when she gains those extra kilos. A lot happens when she reaches the doors of menopause. At every stage, she pauses in bewilderment…confusion…stares at the dark path that lies ahead…begging and beseeching the man to hold her hands. But that seldom happens, reveals Dr Ramya Jayaram.
How can man treat the woman like this, especially, when the sustenance of human race depends on her? In other words, it means the world needs to keep the women fertile and fertility is not just a bodily thing. It has also a lot to do with mind. So, there is a need to address the physical issues behind women’s infertility attaching equal importance to emotional trauma they undergo. There, in fact, are a number of issues that interfere with a woman’s ability to conceive a pregnancy and the most common problems include endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids.
Many of these problems are easily rectifiable making use of laparoscopic procedures. They neither need long hospital stay nor do come with an exorbitant cost. That brings in the question: What is laparoscopy? Some women already know the answer. However, there are lots of women who do not know what the procedure means, how it works or how it can fix the issues they face with absolute ease and effectiveness. So, laparoscopy (also called endoscopy or pelviscopy), for those who do not know, is a surgical procedure during which a telescope is inserted inside the abdomen through a small cut below the navel. This procedure enables the surgeon to have a clean view at the pelvic organs in the infertile women. This procedure helps in the accurate diagnosis of many problems which cause infertility including damaged tubes, endometriosis, adhesions and tuberculosis. The procedure is done using general anesthesia which means the patient is completely asleep when the surgical team is on the job.
Laparoscopy has specific advantages in fixing infertility issues which otherwise could be missed. For instance, a woman who has severe endometriosis can be identified using ultrasound. However, in the case of women suffering from mild endometriosis identification of the problem can be done only through laparoscopic surgery. Endometriosis is a common disease and a very painful condition. It develops when tissue resembling endometrium starts growing outside the womb. Its most common symptoms include painful menstruation cycles, tummy pain, painful intercourse and, of course, infertility.
Pelvic adhesion is another infertility condition which only a laparoscopy procedure can identify. Known as scar tissue, you cannot see adhesions using ultrasound, X-rays or CT scans. Adhesions, if not treated, can blunt a woman’s ability to conceive by not allowing the egg to get into the fallopian tube at the time of ovulation.
Laparoscopic procedure requires different set of skills compared to traditional surgery. However, the risks associated with laparoscopy are similar to the ones which arise out of conventional surgery including problems from anesthesia, bleeding, infections and the possibility of causing damage to internal organs. If the results are found abnormal after the laparoscopic procedure, it is possible for the doctors to treat the problems during the same surgery. In some cases, adhesions, endometrial growths, cysts and fibroids can be removed.
It is also possible to open the fallopian tubes if they are blocked and in case of a ectopic pregnancy, it is also possible to remove the abnormal pregnancy and repair tissue damage, if any. And, in certain cases, the doctors would need to remove the entire fallopian tube. Post-laparoscopic procedure involving the removal of fibroids or scar tissue in case of endometriosis or repair to fallopian tubes it should generally be possible to get pregnant without help or any further treatment. At Womens Center by Motherhood, we have the most modern technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure. They, together, help in the process of diagnosis and allow you to stay relaxed. The Center has the best team of medical experts, who post-diagnosis can then recommend appropriate line of treatment suitable to the needs of the patients. But do remember: If you are not successful in achieving pregnancy, it need be as a permanent situation. We can correct your issues. We can help you realise the mother inside you. We can help you discover your bundle of joy. We can help you sing all those lullabies which you have most affectionately reserved for the little one or the little ones, that is, in case luck is slightly on the upper side of your destiny! For appointments and details call 0422 420 1000 or visit Womens Center by Motherhood Hospital, 146 B, Mettupalayam Road, Coimbatore – 641043

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