God Couldn’t Be Everywhere, Hence He Created Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day

The world celebrates Mother’s day on 12, May. This special day is to rejoice and remember all the women in our life. Especially for the act of kindness, selflessness and gracefulness showered on us. A warm hug and a tender word from her will do wonders in life.
Nature is celebrated as Mother. Goddess is worshipped as Mother. River is praised as Mother. God’s creation is appreciated as Mother. Female child is welcomed as Mother. Such a wonderful and powerful word is “Mother”.
As the universe and nature celebrates the mother in all forms, how about we humans accepting her the way she is and celebrating her in any form she is. Her love is priceless and care is endless. Such a calm storm is her presence, peaceful and tranquil is her nature.
A power to create a life and a soul to nurture life. Women power is considered as the most immense and eternal power in this world. How many women do realize such potential within them? Its high time, each and every woman to unleash her true potential to live her life to the fullest.
The happiness and celebrations are not only in giving to others but also in living our life. Motherhood is a beautiful transformation for every woman. As the women realizes a mother within her that’s the time a new child born within her soul. Giving birth to a child is one form of motherhood and nurturing each soul is the best form of motherhood. Let each woman accepts herself in the first place as a mother to take care of her inner beauty and accept herself in all means.
An exceptional day to show our gratitude and express our love to all the woman in our life. Right from ourselves, to our child, to our family, to our society and to our world. A gesture of a call or message or greeting card or surprise visit or gift or momento or hug makes much difference in her life. The best gift for a woman or mother is to make her feel that her presence is the best thing that happened to you in life and happiness is being around with her.
Love all women in your world with boundless happiness!
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