KG Hospital Chairman Dr G Bakthavatshalam’s Life Saving Tips

KG Hospital chairman Dr G Bakthavatshalam advises people to have the ‘Loading Dose’ which consists of the following combination:-
Disprin 350 mg 1 tablet, Atorvastatin 80 mg 1 tablet and Clopitab 150mg x 2, 2 tablets handy in the pocket in a small envelope always.
Who should keep the ‘Loading Dose’ in their shirt pocket?
The following people are prone to get a heart attack any time while at home, at office or while travelling. Diabetes, Those with high blood pressure, Smokers, People above 40 years of age, Obese individuals (80 kgs & above), Those with high ‘bad’ blood cholesterol’, Those with family history of heart attack and Those who have stressful job and lot of mental stress. Heart attack can affect anyone at any time of the day or night.
Self-diagnosis on possibility of a heart attack –
Warning Signals of a Heart Attack: Discomfort in the chest (so-called gas trouble), Heart burn, Indigestion, Fatigue, Vomiting, Nausea, Pain in the chest, lightning pain or heavy pain or pressing pain, pain radiating to the left arm, neck, back or jaw, Sweating or perspiration even in cold atmosphere, Unusual difficulty in climbing up stairs or difficulty or discomfort while walking, Shortness of breath, Feeling of giddiness. Any of the above signals indicates that a person may have an impending ‘heart attack’. You need urgent medical attention; don’t postpone; call a doctor or an ambulance to your office or residence or wherever you are. Do not drive a vehicle or walk, quietly lie down. During the above situations, please swallow the ‘Loading Dose’, which is in your pocket, with a glass of water. These ‘Loading Dose’ first aid tablets reduce the viscosity of the blood, decrease the severity of heart attack and ‘save your life’.
The above said combination of medicine, i.e. ‘LOADING DOSE’, is available in KG Pharmacy, Coimbatore, in a separate envelope, which may be kept in your pocket always.
Master Health Checkup: An effective tool to avoid health complications.
Your body is the most important wealth. If you do not take care of your body, body will not cooperate with you.
Are you healthy? You have come to middle age. You might have more than 25 years to live. For the rest of your life you have to live a healthy life. A motor vehicle bought about 5 years ago has to be taken for routine checkup even if no trouble is noticed.
The vehicle will be checked for 3-4 hours to see whether all the gadgets like brake, gear, oil tube, fan belt and water level in the radiator are correct. When you travel with your family for a long distance, say 500 to 1,000 kms, without carrying out these mandatory checks in your vehicle, you will be stuck in the midway. If it happens at night time, you will be exposed to the risks of theft or robbery.
To keep away from the harm’s way, and to ensure the safety of passengers and the road users, it is important to keep the vehicle in good condition.
Sudden health problems: Similarly, you should take proper care of this God given body. You will think you are fit. Suddenly you might get chest pain or severe abdomen pain or pass blood in the urine. Then you are stuck. If your 70-year-old mother is having a large mass in the breast, then you are stuck.Such unexpected turn of events will drain you of your energy and your bank balance. Hence, routine physical examination of your body is mandatory, once a year or twice a year. For details call 9843321803, 9843372723, 0422-2219191.

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