Hardwork Definitely Pays Rich Dividends, Says Kovai’s Animation Studio Moghul Udhaya Krishna

The entrepreneurial bug sometimes bites early, especially when there is an undying spirit in one’s mind to do something on their own. Udhaya Krishna, an engineering grad is one such creative youngster, who yearned for making it big after making a small beginning alongwith his friends.
In a chat with Grishma Raj, he shares some interesting info about his journey as co-founder of My Promo Videos (MPV), an animation studio that helps to convey the best about their products and services thru’ story based narrative videos and animation and the growth of his business enterprise.
How did your entrepreneur journey begin and how did ‘My Promo Videos’ come into being?
We were a bunch of 4 young and restless engineering grads from Coimbatore and in 2009, we sat together to do something differently. It was the recession time and we were in dilemma about continuing in the IT route. Hence, when our fellow classmates were sticking onto their routine collar jobs, we decided to take the route of creativity. Initially, we were part of the Rotaract club in Saibaba Colony and we used to create video templates back then. Right from college days, we were appreciated for the videos that we used to make. And that also sort of encouraged us. It was gradually that we discovered about online video marketing. Before that, we were mostly only freelancing and posting videos on internet. We even made an office set up at Santhosh home. At first, there weren’t much money coming in, but we were not discouraged. Then, in 2012, during the freelance work, we discovered about the demand on animated explainer videos and how many big companies are in need of it. Hence, our focus shifted to explainer videos and from being just a contracting group we started to become a brand. That was how I alongwith Anil Kumar, Santhosh and Gopala Krishnan started My Promo Videos or MPV. Currently, Santhosh and Gopala are not part of the company, they have shifted and began another venture in marketing.
What is unique about MPV videos?
Storytelling is our biggest strength and uniqueness. All of us in team love movies and we still dream to become film makers someday. Hence, story telling and animation were the major roads we drove on to build our career. Our marketing strategy has been in a way that makes people choose on their own, but what they choose should be the product we want them to.
What is the process you follow in making of a video?
We follow a consistent process when it comes to making of a video. First, the creative brief that we ask the client. This will include the details on the concept, their goals, their service or product that needs to be marketed. We will also ask what kind of platform they wish to publish the video, whether it is facebook or youtube etc. Second, the team discussion, how to go about the making of the video. At every step, we include the client too. We discuss everything with them so that the video is eventually something they expected. Third, the script formation, which will include brainstorming of ideas and concepts on how to convey the story. We keep in mind the message our client wishes to convey and ensure that the script directly connects with the audience. Fourth, the storyboard, includes all the key factors, the characters, the visual representation of the script. This stage is also discussed with the client as we draw and create our animated characters and graphics. Fifth, the style frame, where we add the color schemes related to the client’s branding and customized the video as per the client’s needs and targets. Then, Animation, which is a major segment that helps bringing the videos into life. Using our software, we combine all the elements and add the animation. Then, the voiceover, which consists of creating the narration for the video. We have a pool of extremely talented voice over artists in our company and we work with artists that suit the video according to the nature of the audience and location. Finally, the sound design and music, which is like the cherry on the cake, adding the final charm to the videos with background music and mixed animation sounds.
Could you tell about the videos you created for various clients and the achievements?
Our first major breakthrough work was with “Fresh Desk” in Chennai. The video boosted their identity and we got almost a million views on Youtube. It was also listed as one of the top 5 rising start-up videos globally. After that, we did videos for many start-ups across Bangalore, Coimbatore and Mumbai. A brand video for Webengage, a company in Mumbai was a different creative product and was liked by many. Flipkart-Payzippy video added a feather to our career cap.
In 2015, we also released videos under the hashtag #KnowAboutIndia. There were explanatory videos on hidden facts about our constitution and Indian history. The video named “Is Hindi our national Language?” gained momentum and received around 3 lakh views. We were listed as “Channel of the Day” by Youtube and the video also got featured on CNN. We also partnered with a social start-up called Menstrupedia to create awareness on women hygiene across India. The video also featured on The Gaurdian. Today, we work with HCL, Flipkart, Ogilvy, Webchutney, Casa Grande, Heckyl and so on.
What do you intend to achieve in future?
Eventually, I wish to get into movies. Not just the VFX and post production effects like any other animation company does, but proper classic movies like the creations of Pixar and Disney. And, we are slowly building our team into such a future.
Can you tell us about your diary initiative?
PAAL.Co is a venture begun with an idea of supplying milk to people in Coimbatore. We have our own dairy farm, we milk the cows and we supply the milk directly to customers at their doorstep without any middlemen involved. Our major aim is to provide unaltered, raw and fresh milk to consumers in black bottles every day at their doorstep.
What is your advice for students who aspire to be Entrepreneurs?
The biggest challenge is to stay consistent and not get distracted. There will be times when you might want to give up easily or listen to what others say when they discourage, so my advice would be to ignore all that and be true to your vision.
And those who see a future in animation industry must understand that the world is changing every day and so it is important to create something new every minute! Your ideas must not be monotonous.
Who has been your inspiration?
That is a difficult question to answer, nevertheless, I do not have a specific individual. Right from Sachin Tendulkar and AR Rahman to Steve Jobs has been an inspiration.
Anybody who puts in hard work and has achieved the best has been our team’s motivation. Even our housekeeper for that matter inspires us every day.

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