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SKCAS Holds Anti-Ragging Panel Meet

Keeping students engaged in co-curricular activities thereby facilitating them in their overall development discourages and prevents in negative acts like ragging. Thanks to the smart role played by Dr Baby Shakila, principal, Sri Krishna College of Arts and Science (SKCAS), Kuniyamuthur in ensuring ragging incident free, said Deepan Chakravarthy, Sub Inspector of Police, Kuniyamuthur police station.
He was addressing the anti-ragging committee meeting at the college when he underlined the need for perfect understanding between seniors and juniors which is paramount in creating a friendly relationship and expressed happiness that awareness has increased among the students to put an end to the obnoxious practice of ragging.
While detailing about the Ragging Act and the punishment with imprisonment to students, he made an appeal to parents to make it a point to interact with their wards daily since conversing with them in a friendly manner would bring them closer. Moreover, they too in turn will have a feeling that their parents are caring about them. Lack of proper parent-children relationship is the cause for children joining bad company of friends.
Urging students to focus on study and should not indulge in any form of ragging, he said that ragging is a punishable offense, if it is proved. The person affected by any form of ragging should give a complaint within 72 hours of the incident. The college should also initiate an enquiry and should complete within 72 hours after receiving it. If the act comes under ragging and proved, this has to be brought to the University, UGC, Higher Education department and Police Station. The police department should also intimate in such a way to the concerned officials. Students proved under ragging are imprisoned up to 2 years with a fine of Rs 10,000. Hence students should give top priority to the education and moral behavior.
Trinity Mirror scribe M Rafi Ahmed, who represents the anti-ragging committee from the media called students to develop their skills during their three or two year academic career as it is the right platform for them to display their diverse talents and its the responsibility of teachers to identify and motivate them to go the extra mile in their chosen line of interest.
He urged the students to think innovatively to become job provider rather than job seeker.
The scribe sought the students to make a try in taking up civil services exams. And he wanted the parents to allow their children be it boy or girl in sports activities since there are plethora job opportunities under sports quota in Central government jobs.
G Vijayaraghavan from Shanthi Ashram spoke about the ills of cellphone that would hamper their studies and character. Better to use it minimally based on the requirement as it is the biggest evil in the society more so among youth.
Likewise, social media where youth are engaged in it resulting in some problems affecting their studies and future career. Earlier, Dr.P.Baby Shakila, Principal welcomed. Kuniamuthur VAO Jayakumar was also present. Parents and students also gave their feedback at the meet. Dr.A.Alagarsamy, Head, Department of Social Work coordinated the meeting.

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