Change The Perception of Generation Gap To See Changes In Life

The generation gap is the most interesting subject to study. Right from new born baby to person in death bed feels and believes the generation gap. Each one of them has their own school of thoughts and feels they are right in their own way. Absolutely, there is a generation gap in life style, thoughts, emotions, behaviors and approach. Ultimately, there is one thing which holds the generation together is their roots, values and culture.
Every house has a discussion on generation gap primarily on three generations i.e. grand parents, parents and children. They see each one of them as alien and species from different planet. Grand parents says we lived with nature and respect people for whom they are; parents (Gen Y) says we are the generations who have seen both sides of the changes ie. people vs technology. The most suffered soul and controversial personality. Neither able to stick with the roots nor to adapt with the technology changes. Had a tough time balancing personal and professional life. The children (Millennials) say we are global kids. We have all the information at our finger tips. We connect globally and we are different from the rest of the two generations ie. parents and grand parents. No wonder, why people prefer nuclear family.
Most of the time the three generations shares the same information in the way they could feel, interpret and articulate. They failed to realize that they dwell in their own thought processes, experiences and learnings. Not ready to accept new information, changes and actions. Rather everyone wanted to act and behave in the way they wanted them to be with others. Need to understand that each individual is unique and different. Time to respect and value one’s emotions and feelings. Be it a kid or any individual for that matter.
A small change in the approach will bring drastic changes in life. Brainstorming with the family members of all generations is one the best way to adapt and accept to the changing family eco system. During the process use your brain for feeling and heart for thinking. Listen to everyone’s opinion, ask rational questions, reason it out, analyze the pros and cons of the situations, assess the available resources, affordable time frame, bandwith, expected results, alternate options, concerns and respect for each one’s word and thought. It helps each one to see, understand and approach things in a different perspective; comprehend the points from where they are coming; see goodness in every point and develop unconditional love and acceptance for each other.
The generation gap is only in the perception we see them. Change the perception to see the changes in life. Each of one us have the responsibility to contribute for the next generation and generations to come. “A generation which ignores history has no past – and no future – Robert A Heinlein”
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