Be Happy, Be Active With Healthy Breakfast

Happiness is having a hearty breakfast. It’s the most powerful two-letter word that has a greater impact on physical and mental health. The word breakfast says; break the fast between the day and night. It does mean give a fresh start for your day and see each day as an opportunity to leave behind the past and moving ahead in the present.
Eating healthy breakfast provides sustenance and energy for the activities ahead in the day. Most of us believe that breakfast is for the body not for the mind. Both need energy to thinking and acting and to channelizing the process. Our body metabolism process converts what we eat and drink into energy. The energy for the day is obtained from the food we intake and starts with a healthy breakfast.
In those days, people won’t leave their house without having breakfast. They feel it’s inauspicious to start a day with an empty stomach. Very true, “An empty stomach is not a good political advisor – Albert Einstein”. The day doesn’t get fulfilled if the stomach is not satisfied. Need to realize in our body that stomach is the master brain and mind is the functional brain.
Also, the research report says skipping breakfast has been considered as an important determinant for an unhealthy lifestyle. When the stomach is empty, our body is deprived of energy and hinder brain functions especially for children going to schools and colleges. They lack focus, gets irritated for meager things, low stamina, poor concentration and behavioral issues.
The brain functions and mental alertness depends on the energy it consumes through the food we intake. Breakfast is the first meal of the day to activate our body and mind. People who have healthy breakfast regularly are very active and energetic throughout the day. It activates the brain cells, improves memory, attention and helps in weight management and obesity. The children who are having healthy breakfast are active and energetic throughout the day. They are good at academics, concentration, memory and productivity.
For children, it’s food for your thought to choose whether to have a healthy breakfast and be active throughout the day or skip breakfast and be inactive or unproductive for the day. Happiness rarely keeps company with an empty stomach – Helen Keller. When the stomach gets full, it tells the head to sing – Moroccan Proverb. Enjoy your breakfast; let the head sing for you. Be happy and Be active.
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