Passion Meet Up 2K19 Turns Infotainment Packed

An action packed event of wisdom, interaction and entertainment concluded at Hindustan College of Arts and Science on July 26th, 2019. “Passion Meet up 2K19” event by Let’s Start Up gifted the students of Kovai a day’s infotainment. A packed hall of about 200 students from over 5 colleges greeted the guests at the event that was about exploring and excelling one’s passion.
Kalki Subramaniam, a social activist, Sandhya Swaminathan, TEDx speaker and Ungalil yaaru aduthe Prabhu Deva star Prashant were the esteemed guests of honour. Every session turned out to be incredibly fun and all the students learnt some great passion quotes to follow and adapt in life.

Kalki Subramaniam gave an inspiring speech on the essence of understanding and accepting the third gender in today’s world. Being a founder of Sahodari Foundation, Kalki’s undying spirit indicated how much change still needs to happen in India when it comes to discussing and communicating about LGBT community. Apart from advising the youth to bring about change and spread love, she also spoke about her Transhearts Arts Project that helps more than 200 transgender people in creating expressive artworks and also provides workshops for them to excel.
Sandhya Swaminathan brought about some excellent interactive excercises and dialogues. A TEDx speaker who quit a high paying IT job to follow her passion of art, explained the students to understand how unique they are and how much valuable it is to think of themselves and follow their dreams. Prashanth added colors and vibrancy to the event with his killer moves and enchanting dance steps. He also spoke about the necessity of putting one’s heart and soul into things in order to make them successful.
One of the major highlights of this year’s event was the Jam Session that encouraged students to come up and showcase any talent. A lot of students beautifully portrayed their best talents and made it a wholesome entertainment session. There were stand up comedies, singing, dancing, elocution, painting, poetry and so on. Both the speakers and the students joined in a great way to make the event iconic and memorable. For details contact 7305528432.
—Grishma Raj

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