DT Academy’s Digital Detox Initiative To Save Kids

Video games, movies, mobile applications and social media are going to rule your kids. Why not get them off the couch and plan for a digital detox.
Yes, you heard that right-screen addiction is real and what better way to keep them engaged than Summer camps. They have a fun way of learning and exploring new things, making friends, learning Leadership qualities and being An Individual Creator along the way and keeping fit through various physical activities. DT Academy focuses not just on fun but aims to provide the child a bit more by teaching them first aid measures, various yoga asanas and meditation techniques to keep them calm and focused.
Camps are planned in a very safe environment so that the children who come in can learn to be more outspoken & independent, embrace differences, learn to share & be responsible and develop new hobbies. The kids have this excellent opportunity to learn from trained instructors to master what they learn, while exploring new things they show interest towards. Contact DT Academy at 93443 35035, 0422- 2232211 to book your slots now.

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