In A First, Womens Center By Motherhood Introduces 3D Laparoscopy In Gynaecology

Claimed to be first of its kind in gynaecology, Womens Center by Motherhood Hospitals in Coimbatore has introduced Minimally Invasive Gynaecology Surgery (MIGS) unit wherein 3D laparoscopy is being used for surgeries. Now, with the launch of this innovative unit, it has reiterated its commitment to exceptional care and treatment for women of all ages. Sexual and reproductive health problems are responsible for one-third of health issues affecting women in the ages of 15 to 44 years, says experts of World Health Organisation (WHO).
While some of these gynaecological conditions include uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, polyps, endometriosis and certain types of cancers, there are chances for conditions to go undetected, as many women silently suffer symptoms such as abnormal vaginal bleeding, severe pain and discomfort. The centre is a pioneer in performing laparoscopy and hysteroscopy procedures using the most advanced technology such as 3D laparoscopy. The team of medical experts at the centre are highly skilled and have vast experience in the field of minimally invasive surgery.
“Womens Center by Motherhood is a one-of-a-kind facility that not only offers surgery for women with gynaecological problems but also safety for breast conditions, cancer surgeries, general surgeries for Gall stone, appendicitis, hormonal cosmetic surgery and non-invasive vascular surgery. We are one-of-a-kind centre of excellence for women being taken care by women. Our facility provides the most advanced medical and surgical treatment for complex gynaecological, reproductive, high risk obstetrics and neonatal conditions under one roof. Our focus is to cater for women and children, where we can take care of all their problems with utmost care & with latest technology available in the field of medicine today,” says Dr Ramya Jayaram, Consultant, Reproductive Medicine and Endo-Gynaecology Surgery, Womens center by Motherhood.
She adds that counselling and support are provided to women at all stages. “We understand the needs of the woman and empathise with her. The aim is to get her life back to normal as soon as possible,” she adds. Meanwhile Dr Mirudhubashini Govindarajan, Clinical director, Womens Center by Motherhood Hospital said that emergence of technological advancement made treatment of gynaecological problems easy.

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