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Many consumers today prefer to buy products that are made from natural materials, have a relatively minimal environmental footprint, and also that are good for health and long lasting. Mattress shoppers are no different. Sleep is definitely one the biggest pleasures when it comes to routine life and mattresses play a major role in enhancing the sleep.
That is why it is important to switch to Latex mattresses and Augustine Joseph, of Herz Mattress store justifies it perfectly. Being the first company in India to get the GOLS certification (Global Organic Latex Standards), Herz store at Saibaba colony provides high quality and sustainable organic and latex mattresses.

“Latex is a healthy sleeping solution product when compared to PU or polyfoam mattress that are harmful in the long run” says Augustine. The major properties of latex mattress are dust and dermat resistant, along with flexibility to the environment and climate changes. “Foam mattresses tend to generate a lot of heat and memory foam mattresses posses lesser resilience when compared to latex, that will support your posture and help you turn or move around in sleep. The mattress moves along with your body and help in cosier and peaceful sleep” adds Augustine.
Another stunning quality of latex mattress is the support. “There are 7 points in our body that comes into contact with any mattress when we sleep. Among those, important ones are hip and shoulder. When it comes to foam mattress, hip and shoulder tend to hit on the flat surface and slowly you will feel the rest of the body pushed upwards. This causes friction and sometimes result in those areas generating a lot of sweats despite you are in a cooler environment. But latex enables your body to sink in completely, leaving no gaps and helping you to a good night’s sleep” says Augustine.
Being the flagship store in Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore, Herz offers exclusive facilities like sleep experience zone to all customers. Unlike other stores, that dont give the freedom of trial and error to the customer, Herz ensures every customer can try the mattress in a separate room at their privacy. “Sleep experience zone provides customers to take time in selecting the best mattress and buy only what is comfortable. We enable an ambiance where they can sleep, lie down or even rest for long. Many people have health problems and they cannot judge the mattress by just sitting or lying down for few minutes, they need some good hours to identify what suits them.”
Apart from that, latex mattress provides zero partner disturbance which means that even if your partner or room mate rolls or jumps on the bed, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice your sleep! The store also provides demonstrations to help you understand.
“Customers can also come to the store to know more about latex and its benefits. We also give customized products depending the on age and lifestyle of the people. Between 30 to 35, we recommend soft ones and those beyond 40, will require hard and medium ones as their bones tend to get weaker and need a strong support.
Hence, if you are looking for the perfect sleep solution, then Herz Mattress store is the best place! You can take a power nap and choose the right path to sound sleep. Herz Mattress Store, No 3, A Tower, Bharathi Park 8th Cross Road, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore – 641011. Ph: 9751128555.
—Grishma Raj

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