Take A Cue From Paati’s Health Tips For Mom And Baby

Women should take care of their health once pregnancy is confirmed. One need not worry if thin or about the size of breasts. After a happy delivery feed the baby within an hour. The yellow milk colostrum (seembu milk) is rich in immunoglobulin, the first antivaccine. Feed every couple of hours.
If the baby is fully fed will sleep quietly. Can feed even when mother takes routine medicine; even if the child is having diarrhoea or illness can feed the baby. It is like gastroenteritis.
To Purify Breast Milk: Asparagus C Shata vari powder 1gm daily mixed with milk to maintain the quality of lactation. Shatavari kalpa is very useful as “Galactagogue” for mother after delivery to maintain quality and quantity of milk.
Tinospora cordifolia (Seendhil): Fresh shoot to prepare a decoction, half a cup twice a day 2 weeks.
Cyperus Rotundus (Korai Kilangu): Decoction of tuber twice a day for 2 week.
Food: Drink water, juice. Drink water before feeding. Fenugreek (vendayam) in any form – seed, seedlings, keerai. Cumin seeds (Seeragam) Powder to improve milk supply; remove acidity and other digestive irritants in mothers food.
Add a pinch of cumin powder in milk or butter milk and drink. Moringa fruit, leaf, bitter gourd, beans, carrot, green vegetables. Papaya, banana (esp. Shevallai), almond, apricot, cashew, apple.
Test to mothers: Baby cries – based on sound, gesture classify
a) Whether it is due to hungry. b) Difficulty in passing motion. c) Feeling sleepy with uncomfortable surroundings d) Stomach pain around umblicus. Patti used to apply country castor oil with a pinch of asafoetida (perungayam) e) Needs mother’s fondling.
Ask patti about anjarai box and childcare and health of the mother.
Prof. Dr. K.K. Lakshmanan
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