Let Children Learn The Basics of Life From Their Parents

In continuation to last week’s article on Parental Freedom, a boon or bane, Lets take a look at parents aspirations, who usually have their own school of thought in bringing up their wards. To bring up a child is a challenging task for these generation parents. In those days, parents enjoy this process as part of their life style rather than seeing it as a different phase or role in life. What would have changed in the recent times?
Yes, the right guess! Technology advancement and scattered roots. Most of the parents and children are looking out for their ancestral origin, parental roots, child bearing, parenting, family tree, relations and their whereabouts and so on. They are trying to figure out this information online something which could have happened over a cup of coffee. With the advancement of technology people have made their life complicated instead of simple.
This reminds of a video which is viral about parenting. The mother was completely glued with her handset right from feeding a baby and doing routine chores. She hardly turned her eyes towards the baby. The baby grows seeing this and become an adult. Life has its own turn. As the mother gets older and dependent on child for her basic needs, the child mirrored the mother’s activity without knowing whether it’s appropriate or not. She was feeding her mother glued with her mobile and staring the screen instead of looking at her face. That’s the time realization strikes the mind of a parent.
Though it’s audacious and hard to say that parents prefer phone over child. Would encourage giving a real time check with your day time sheet. How much time parents spend with a child, work time and screen time? Which dominates the list?
Parents are busy making their life and earning money at the cost of child’s happiness and life. Children are happy interacting in virtual world and making out things online. None of them knows what’s happening inside the house. One fine day, parents wake up and see things are beyond control. Nothing much can be done then. Though technology has given enormous value addition for life, it’s high time we pay attention in managing our life with technology. It’s always better late than never. Parents need to work for livelihoods and commitments. Prioritizing needs before wants do wonders in life. Managing screen time will manage life.
The child doesn’t understand the language of money, hi-fi life style, posh cars and property values. It only needs quality time from parents, recognize the parental touch and care, space for open discussion and happy being around them.
A child grows up seeing their parents and mirroring their activities. Be it good or bad! For each child father is a hero and mother is a heroine figure. They are their best role models and other celebrities and achievers are influencers for them. The basic education of a child starts from home and institutions are extended learning centres. Without basics and value systems no human is a complete person. Let our children learn the basics of life from parents and let them be their world not technology.
When we talk about basics and value systems, people do have their own way of interpreting things. Let’s see some common grounds for the same in the forthcoming weeks.
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