Adopt Ancestral Way of Life To See A Sea Change In Your Life

Feel The Difference Thru’ A Week’s Challenge

Most of us think basics in terms of materialistic value like owning a big brand, assets, vehicles, mobiles, virtual contacts, online visibility and partying out. Eating out on weekends, seasonal shopping and abroad trips once in a year is also been considered as basics of life. Heavy competition is going on within family, friend’s circle and social gatherings to post selfie’s online and getting likes. Right from babies to grannys hanging on with mobile, making calls to a person within home and hardly meeting them in a day. Though such pattern of living affects everyone, the child gets affected to the core.
The blooming child feels parents are ATMs; they are resources for meeting their materialistic need and emotional bonding is barely realized, grand parents are care takers; meant to serve them and no hold in saying or their presence is felt absence, maids are their so called parents; they mean a lot for a child as spending and sharing most of the things with them only.
One fine day, parents feel they lost track with their child by then things would have drastically changed and nothing much can be done than feeling sorry for self. Without understanding the requisite values of life we are surviving in this world by impressing others and upgrading our so called lifestyle.
Its better late than never. Still have a chance to rewind the process of child rearing. Change the process to see changes. Make them to understand the value of money, value of work and value of relationship. A simple reward system for a child does wonders in life. Design a reward plan for a child based on their age and need.
If a child is of 10 years, categorize reward points for each work they do, behavior, academic performance and so on. Reduce the reward points for undone activities, disrespect and so on. Reward systems can be mutually agreed between parents and child and given on a weekly or monthly basis. Incentives and surprise gifts will motivate to perform better. This will help them to live a disciplined life, understand the value of earnings, importance of working and learn to appreciate others for their effort and value people.
We start living our basic life by holding on to our roots and valuing life by serving humanity. Our roots are imbibed with cultural and basic value systems. Our ecosystem is constructed in such a manner that our lifestyle becomes our way of living. It also has a scientific reason behind each and everything we do.
One such thing is waking up early morning. The scientific reason behind this is we connect with cosmic energy, pure air, increases oxygen level in the brain and boost physical and mental health. Our ancestral way of saying is, it’s good for health, start and end your day early and productivity increases. In recent days, questioning has become our habit. It’s good to question such things and reasoning out would give a way for valuing our value system.
Let’s take a week challenge to live life with our ancestral way of living blended with our lifestyle. Sharing 7 points to follow regularly for a week. Here we go: (1) Early to Bed and Early to Rise (10.00pm to 5.00am) (2) Healthy Eating – Home made food only (3) Physical Activity – Walking / Gyming / Aerobics / Yoga everyday for an hour (4) Stay Away from Screens between 9.00 pm – 8.00 am (5) Visiting Minimum 1 Relation in a Week (6) Spending Quality Time with Family Members, Bed Time Stories for Kids, Value Based Stories for Adolescences and One Time Meal Together (7) Social Gatherings – Temple / Community Work or Educating a Child.
Practice and see the difference you feel about yourself, developing meaningful relationship and emotional bonding with people. Would urge to do these things religiously to feel the real happiness of being together with our people and staying away from technology will give us the peace of mind at home. Let’s start valuing our life and life of others to build a better future for our generations.
—Chellam Narendiran
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