A Day To Celebrate Those ‘Men’ In Action

The universe always cares for its people especially kids and women. Men are meant to be the protector and women are meant to be the creator of life. The supreme power created an individual with a definite role and purpose. Kids are the powerhouse of energy sources; children are the powerhouse of enthusiasm; men are the powerhouse of courage and women are the powerhouse of bonding. The world will be so pleased when we act upon the universe law.
The men as a protector play his role in guarding the children and women by all means. The men in this world are so concerned about children and women safety, they form rules and regulations to safeguard them, support education, create facilities to make them feel comfortable and put effort to ensure they live in peace. The active workforces of men are coastguard, forest, police, defense, detectives and vigilance. They work 24/7 tirelessly to ensure the safety of a woman, children and civilians to live a peaceful and happy life.
When we appreciate their professional contributions but their personal contribution to the family is always questionable. Most of us see men as a breadwinner of the family. Their contribution within the family is measured by his earning potential and the creation of wealth. The major chunk of his input is mapped for gender roles only. Most of his involvement within the family is hardly been noticed and recognized.
He does participate in upbringing the child, help parents in medical assistance, support in old age, act as a pillar for siblings, a good friend for a girl, the responsible person for extended family and a good citizen for the society. Men pay the entire bill and women serve the entire charge. As women, we enjoy most of the privilege in life due to their hard work and tireless commitment towards family and society.
Most of the laws are created by men to protect women. They unanimously work together to protect their creator ie. women. Women and Men are always complimenting gender. Roles can be interchanged but the prime purpose can’t be compromised. Understanding this fact would bring us together in achieving our goals in life.
Our Men stands for Make Ends Meet. Irrespective of all the odds he faces in life, emotional turbulence he undergoes, sacrifice he makes in life for his family are hardly been accounted for and attributed for his effort.
Though, women being the creator of men, it’s our responsibility to give their dues on time. We always see men as an emotionless person. Ironically their emotions are suppressed by the society in the name of men shouldn’t cry. They have to be logical and stand tall in all crises. Yes, women in the family give space for their men to show their emotions out in the form they wanted it to be without any judgemental. Let’s accept men do have emotions and women are rational too. It’s an option for an individual to engage and act upon.
On this International Men’s Day (19, Nov) we appreciate our Men in Action for their excellent performance, outstanding participation and encouraging perseverance. They are part of WoMEN. Men are the wonderful creature to provide all comforts for their women in life.
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