No Violence, Only Victory For Victim

People are witnessing violence in every nook and corner of the world. This could be in the name of rights i.e human rights, animal rights, public rights, safety and security rights, women’s rights, men’s rights, third gender rights, and the list goes on. Petty issues are escalating for no reason instead of finding a solution or helping the victim. Most of the time violence been seen as causing damages to the physical body. It also disturbs the people mentally and puts them in an emotionally traumatic state. Violence against mental health is the silent violence happening with everyone and hardly been addressed.
On this International Day for the elimination of violence against women, 25 November wanted to speak loudly about violence against the self. Stand for violence against mental health. Generally, violence is an act by another person. That’s a common phenomenon among people. I see violence in two forms (i) violence against self and (ii) violence against others. The later was known to everyone and gained momentum in the recent days. The laws are framed to protect women against violence on the grounds of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and harassment, human trafficking, female genital mutilation and child marriage.
The former i.e. violence against self is hardly known to us. This could be of accepting mistakes of others on us, be a part of blaming game, betrayal of self, physical abuse on self, mental assassination, emotional blackmailing, fear of losing, fear of unacceptance, struggle with self, not standing for self and living as a self victim in many cases. Though the laws, NGOs, volunteers and organizations are supporting women against violence in many forms. This altogether violence against others in physical forms. How about mental agony?
Most of the time we see violence against women is created by the other gender. In reality, the same gender also a part of this game. Are women vocal about their issues? Have they ever thought to disturb their inner peace by violating the rules of body and mind? Has a woman been supportive of a woman?
Women are considered as a power gender in terms of mental strongness and braveness. Hardly been accepted and recognized by every individual woman. Be it a kid or senior citizen their mental power drives them to the extent where they wanted to be. Such is the power of women’s mind.
Quite interestingly, the word ‘VIOLENCE’ denotes V as Victory, I as Intellectual, O as Opportunity, L as Levelheaded, E as Empowered, N as Notable, C as Captivating and E as Educator. Yes, women must remember the power of the word ‘VIOLENCE’ while encountering one of the most worst situation to fight with courage. Life is full of surprises and using the presence of mind opens the door for happy living. Violence is no more for the victim it is for Victory.
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