Simple Arithmetic Makes Life Easy

People are good in their ways and excited about each and everything around them. Meaningful conversations and relationships make it better. Be it in a family, friends circle, peer group and society. In today’s scenario, each one of us wanted to hear, see and feel what we wanted to hear from others. Never tries to understand what they wanted to say and try to reflect our thoughts and feelings from others.
Most of the time demandingness is high in the relationship from parents to child, friends to friends, employers to the employee, lovers, husband and wife, in-laws and extended family. We feel each other’s value only when our demands are met by the respective persons. We failed to realize the other person too will have demand for us. Are their expectations taken care of?
Demand is on both sides, be itself or others. Self-demanding is acceptable and others demanding is reasonable. We need both demands for the symbiotic association. But we feel all our demands are basics and valid and others demand are high and invalid without knowing whether the demands are for people related things i.e. materialistic. When demands are for people and relationship we tend to oversee and forgo issues. When we connect our value and relationship with the materialistic output we stick to that and make life challenging for both ends.
We need to know and differentiate what to demand and what not in a relationship. When we follow a simple mathematics life becomes easy. Write down the priority list of an individual and work on the possibilities. Make a note of 3 things which cannot be compromised, a note of 6 things which can be negotiated and a note of 9 things which need to be let go. The equation is 3+6 = 9 i.e. 3 Core Values or Interest of an Individual + 6 Collaborative Factors of Both = 9 Valid Factors for Healthy and Happy Living. The numbers are powerful and magical when we work on the necessary demanding factors of life.
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