Positive Strokes Must To Progress In Life

Each day is a special day and each moment is a happy moment. Moments and days are special when someone gives and receives a compliment. We feel to compliment when there is an achievement supersedes the expectation and exponential progress in the profession. The mind is trained to compliment when sees its benefits externally and appreciates a person when he is in power. We compliment for convenience.
The commercial world has literally changed the meaning of compliment. It’s a freebie. The purchase of any materials needs to be accompanied by a complimentary gift. It’s always 2 + 2 = 5. From entrepreneurs to business giants have to plan their compliment properly so that it actually compliments the product. 365 days are complimentary days for customers. Every purchase is bundled with discounts; add on products; coupons and what not. They create very good complimentary offers which induce the person to buy the product for no reason. The purchase is completed and satisfied only when it’s been complimented. The complementary products are highlighted to create demand for the actual product. That’s the power of a compliment.
How about the compliment for a person in our life? It’s a trained mind. So it compliments only when the contribution is concrete. A typical scenario at home, a child is complimented when he receives good marks and criticized for low marks.
Appreciation is required for the person who is struggling to achieve his dreams, toiling for his progress, willing to learn and failing to succeed. Learn to appreciate the child for his effort and compliment for his willingness to make effort again. That’s the real compliment that does wonders in someone’s life.
The professional community has understood the value of compliment. Shopkeepers compliment the customer for no reason. It brings a smile on the customer’s face and makes shopping a great experience. This is giving a subtle message that compliment is not for achievement.
It’s to encourage a person for his effort, dedication, contribution, time, learning and experience. Similarly, if we train our mind to compliment a person for who he is that can change his world for the betterment of his living and to see happiness in life.
We need positive strokes to progress in life. Criticizing never helps anyone to move ahead or see the roads ahead. It’s a hindrance in anyways. Complimenting promotes perseverance in achieving the aims and helps the person to see the path clearly. Choose the Cs (Compliment or Criticize) carefully to convince a person to confront challenges.
Words are magical. Complimentary words are dream words everyone would love to hear from their kith and kin. Be generous in complimenting a person and feel the happiness of making other’s feel happy.
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