Jawahar Nagar Ladies Assn’s 8th Anniversary Fete on R-Day

Jawahar Nagar Ladies Association has the tradition of planting trees somewhere atleast during its anniversaries. This association was formed to encourage camaraderie among the local women and empower them to have a meaningful impact on our environment. Collectively they help old age homes orphanages, night shelters and deserving poor children’s education as well as timely medical help to the needy. In their own small way they try to make positive differences in the people’s lives. Apart from this the members enjoy kitties, potlucks, picnics, tours and occasional movies every now and then. Together we can and union is strength are not near clichés.
This year a road side plot was chosen to transform a dump site into a useful green patch. Since trees were already there and herbal plants were an option they decided to keep nine herbal plants that can help propagate health and sanitation. Tulsi, karpuravalli, insulin, sitharathai, karu notchi and white notchi have been planted. If this venture succeeds and the plants thrive, this format can be extended to other such areas also. As always the ward 22 corporation staff gave us all support. Nilazhgal maiyam Murugan also joined us with his team. The Jawahar Nagar ladies’ brigade is gathering strength and determined to continue its journey to newer heights.

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