Where Parenting Is An Art

Life lessons are best learned from nature especially parenting. How many of us understand the language of parenting from Mother Nature, cohesive upbringing and community living. Marvelously, they have a uniform approach towards all their offspring or saplings, teach them symbiotic association and relationship for community living and freedom of growing at their own space. Especially with no complaints about their physical appearance, diseases, limitations, shortcomings and growing style. Acceptance of their offspring the way they are and allowing living at their best.
Our parenting style is always in the phase of challenging and questioning. We see parenting as a complicated job. It’s been hardly known which style to adapt, whom to follow, where to go and how to lead the child. We seek information and approach from others and fail to seek within us. We end up confusing ourselves and children in the process of trying to figure out the best parenting style. Thus leads to seeing impediments in every step.
Parenting is an art. Each parent has imbibed certain qualities which best suits their need, family and child. Adding on to those qualities is always appreciated. Changing the complete style will deteriorate the parenting love and care for their child and disturbs the peace of mind. Allowing the child to grow naturally, accepting the child for what they are, treating the child with respect and dignity, helping to manage their emotions and focusing on their physical and psychological well being is the utmost support a parent can give for their child.
A child knows what he likes and dislikes. The parents have to accommodate the child in every activity to give their best. Teach them the values of life and people for evolving as a better human. Encourage the child to perform well and results are subjective.
A child who gets an opportunity to explore his interest, liberal thinking, allow making mistakes, encourage to help others and express to show his love and affection evolve as a wonderful person for the self, family and society. Every parent needs to understand the child’s unsaid words and feelings to build an external bonding of love and love only.
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