Actor Ajay Rathnam’s Stress On Moral Education @ Sapna’s 53rd Anniversary

Education offered today requires soul-searching – An Importance of letting children “want” to study rather than “need” to study. And that is just what imparted at the 53rd anniversary of Sapna Book House held on Feb 8. Karthikeyan, Chief Executive of Sapna Book House alongwith Ajay Rathnam, an artiste and the man behind “Stone to Diamond” initiative, was successful in inspiring around 200 children alongwith parents and teachers at the Perks School Auditorium by their insights on motivational learning.
“Children need to be taught values and ethics,” said Ajay who gave a wonderful session on the need of teaching children the necessity of moral education. “In today’s world, the age-old tradition of grandparents teaching children values through stories or nature has slowly disappeared. Living in a joint family. I realise how important it is for any child to experience their fun time with grandparents or great grandparents. Unfortunately, now there is hardly any time for parents to even be with their kids or show them the beauty of the outside world. It is only when we impart real values of gratitude and honesty, can we make our children grow into beautiful human beings in future” he opined,
A true believer of simplified educational techniques, Ajay spoke about his journey behind beginning “Stone to Diamond” and how every day they strive to transform children’s lives who find difficulty in learning today. “I teach them how to study without any fear. If kids can play their games happily, they can study too if they are taught the eminence of education desirably,” he said.
Apart from also speaking about the significance of simplified and interactive learning, he also spoke about a growing positive attitude.”When you are riding a bicycle, not every time your parents help you. After a point of time, you realise that there is nobody supporting you and you are literally riding it on your own. That is just what life is all about. You have to believe in yourself and your passion. “No” means the next best opportunity you get and you have to keep trying till you achieve it!”
The event also urged parents to let children follow their dreams and not push them to do things that they couldn’t achieve. When it comes to exams, don’t stress them out for grades but motivate them to understand and fall in love with subjects like dancing or singing or swimming. The memorable session was a wholesome feast on education, value and more importantly life of today’s children! For details contact 98439 73739, 0422-4629999.
—Grishma Raj

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