Say Goodbye To Exam Fear

Every one of us would have experienced anxiety during some point of life especially when going to be appeared for exams, interviews, giving presentations, review meetings and so on. When comes to exams, if it is a public exam then the adrenalin rush is high for everyone of us as much focused on results. At times, the exam phobia is high for few students as they may experience blank out, forgetting facts and figures, formulas, difficulty in organizing thoughts and temporary memory loss. They may also feel nervousness in the body, nausea, head ache, stomach burn and breathing issues. Wanted to leave exam hall and get rid of that place soon. It’s quite natural to experience such feelings and going to be momentary only.
Exam is just to examine student knowledge about that particular subject, ability to learn, remember and reproduce it on the paper, interest in upgrading knowledge and evaluate them for the better career prospects which suits them the best. Academic score is the benchmark to segregate students based on their abilities and offer courses which help them to learn at ease and shine in the respective fields. Not to pressurize them for what they are not meant for it.
The responsibility of a teacher and parent is to encourage student to give their best without worrying about the marks. They have to help each and every student unanimously to address their concerns, pains and build confidence in their minds. Student need to learn with interest, understand the concepts, make their notes properly, practice continuously, ask for help and be contented with their learning. Need to focus on the process than end results. When the process is clear without any doubt the results should be the expected outcome only.
As the time passes, exams become competitive and lost its purpose of learning. These days, it is more of dirty competitions and focused only on marks and marks. Though it’s very essential it doesn’t determine the student’s ability completely and not necessary that everyone needs to be in the rat race. There are plenty of academic courses available in the market to meet the individual capacity of each student. It’s a preparatory phase for the future career process.
Being the exam seasons, exam phobia would be high. Managing is an art. The triangle approach would help the entire community to reduce exam fear and accept the normality of the situation. In the triangle, top is the student, left base is the parent and right base of the triangle is the teacher.
Triangle Approach:
1) Student focus – study and prepare well, eat healthy, sleep well and give your best in the exam.
2) Parent focus – positive encouragement, believe in your child’s ability and give unconditional support and love to your child.
3) Teacher focus – clarify their doubts, mentally prepare them well to face the exams, pay attention to each child in the class irrespective of scores and continuous support to help them learning and learning only.
Three common triangle approaches:
1) Prepare self learning chart with the concurrence of parents and teachers.
2) Focus on mental health by doing breathing exercise, positive affirmation and manage emotions.
3) Maintain physical health by eating and sleeping on time.
Remember, as a student you have given many exams since childhood. Exam is an exam. Be it a general exam or public exam. It just makes a difference in the way we see it. Preparation is going to be the same for from primary to secondary to higher secondary to ug to pg to doctorate to job to career. It’s going to be a continuous learning and examining pattern throughout life. So be prepared to face life and excel in your learning.
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