Accept Challenges Gracefully For Peaceful Life

Every passing calendar year brings back memories and messages for futuristic life. Every financial year makes a difference in numbers and growth. Before hitting the end of assessment year the numbers are taking toll on personal and professional life. Be it a business person or salaried or SME enterprises or entrepreneurs. Business looks for expansion and fund flow, salaried individual looks for increments and pay hikes, SMEs for job work and entrepreneurs for angel investors. It’s a cyclic process and scope of work and money are highly dynamic as the fluctuation is very drastic, external influences are high and limited internal controls. Everything revolves around Money. It’s the vitamin M for universal survival and peace.
The finance and fund management are the core essence of any enterprise or business leaders or founders. Minds are very aspiring and wanted to achieve everything in shorter span of time. It interestingly plays with number. It dreams big and builds hope on vision. The financial projections and expectations on return on investment is high. It challenges reality and accepts virtuality. The balance sheet is completely different. Numbers would have zoomed in and out and realization of data is something beyond understanding.
When numbers are out of control and gives tough times then mind becomes uncontrollable too. People and process becomes irritable; challenges becomes annoying and self becomes unpredictable and unproductive. Hypertension and agitation are the by-product of this crazy behaviour. Instead of repairing or reducing damages the mind creates futuristic issues than solving the current issues or sits on reprimanding the past.
Learning to deal with numbers efficiently is an art. Numbers are always magical and pulls us badly. Most of the time business decisions are made on market demand or competitor’s push. This is a check point for any business person to choose whether to survive or scale up. The conditioned mind prefers to scale up and caught with big numbers. Expanding beyond limits troubles the mind. It’s good to see a big picture if the business really needs it. Ploughing in the money from business to business makes sense than pouring in from investments, loans, families or friends. When choose the later, we inviting troubles not only to us but for the entire community. The pressure on dealing with money takes everything from us. Beyond calculation everything is illusion only. This drives us crazy and takes us to a point where survival becomes challenging and life becomes traumatic.
We need to control numbers and know to draw line for our crazy needs. If we didn’t learn to limit the numbers within our boundary it takes us our mind under its control and left with no choice. It’s time to prefer mind over money to lead a peaceful life. Right now, we have a choice to choose either to Make Peace with Money or Make Peace with Mind. Choosing any option would lead to peaceful mind which always work in sync with reality and accept challenges gracefully for peaceful life.
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