Let’s Create A Gender Equal World

Men are super excited to celebrate Women’s day. A day to express gratitude for the creator of their life. Men manifest different avatars to safeguard women in their life and from all walks of life. He acts as a warrior for their maker, a protector for the caretaker, praiser for a provider, and ardent love for the women.
She is enthralled by his seamless contribution in making her ease and ensuring peace in life. She acts as a continuous provider and supporter of the family and society. A beautiful soul that ensures harmony and cohesive living for the betterment of life.
Women maneuver a multifaceted and multitalented role in life. Her presence spreads happiness, her thoughts bring a smile on the face, and her absence felt in every aspect of life.
Most of these days women are alpha women. Be it any industry or any form they have a vital role to play. She is the beginning and end of everything. The transformation she brings in life and business is commendable and unconquerable.
Women – Men are the beautiful gift by the universal creator of this world. By nature’s law, they are meant to play a different and complementary role for each other. No gender is completely replaceable or comparable with each other. Each gender has a defined role to play and celebrate their uniqueness. With the technology advancement and gene manipulation, we humans are trying to replace one another with defined gene crafting and gene mutation. Ultimately, ending in destroying our-self.
This year’s theme for International Women’s Day (8 March) is, “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”.
It’s about bringing together people of every gender to drive actions that will create a gender-equal world that we deserve for all of us. Be it male, female, trans-male and trans-female.
The theme clearly states about generation equality as the common issue today is about the generation gaps. The generations from baby boomers, Gen x, millennials, and Gen Z are from a different school of thought.
Each generation thinks superior to one another and never getting terms with other generations. Generation is all about learning and sharing ideas, and experiences from their life and transformation of knowledge.
Each generation has something to contribute to society, the world, family, and people.
On this Women’s day, We need to create an environment and a common platform for all generations to share their views, learn, live their life at their terms, breathe at their own pace and enjoy life to the fullest by respecting each other’s values and opinions.
Women’s rights are knowing about their legal rights, boundaries within family and limitations within the society. It’s not about limiting her beliefs or actions.
Its a wonderful life journey to join hands with the men in life and women in action to create a better world for men, women, and trans – men and women life. We stand “Each for Equal” and live a harmonious life.
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