Kovaiites Observe ‘Janta Curfew’ Today

A Big Salute To Coronavirus Fighters


With the most dreaded disease Coronavirus posing a serious threat to the life of people across the globe, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the nation on radio and television about the most dangerous situation the country is facing appealed to citizens to lend a helping hand to the government in fighting the pandemic and urged them to observe March 22 (Sunday) as Janta Curfew (People’s Curfew) from 7am to 9pm. He appealed to citizens not to step out of their homes on Sunday as it would help them in getting prepared for the forthcoming hardships. Underlining the importance of self distancing which is the need of the hour, he said, “Janta Curfew would definitely help us in getting familiar with self isolation.” Janta Curfew is similar to blackout during wartime. “During this Janta curfew, remain indoors and stay safe. Those associated with emergency and essential services alone can leave their home,” PM said adding ‘this Janata Curfew will be in a way like a litmus test for all of us. This is also the time to see how prepared India is to fight the global pandemic like the Coronavirus.” ‘Sankalp and Sanyam’ (pledge and patience) are the two key factors to fight Coronavirus at this juncture.

Don’t get panic to stock essential items and urged employers not to cut the pay of their employees and show empathy on them. Resolve and Restrain to combat the deadly disease. Concerted efforts is needed at this hour of crisis. And he cautioned the people about the economic impact due to outbreak of Coronavirus wherein people need to get prepared to face the challenges.
In a distressing tone, Modi said, ‘Viral outbreak has become a global issue warranting warfooting steps to combat it. This is more serious than the World wars putting the nations in a tight spot. Coronavirus pandemic has currently engulfed 159 countries infecting more than 2,22,000 people and claiming more than 9,000 lives.”
Modi made an appeal to citizens to remain at the dwellings. It is suggested that the citizens strictly adhere to the instructions being given by the health authorities on Coronavirus prevention. And ensure people don’t get infected and pledge to protect others from getting infected. At 5 pm today, Modi urged the citizens to thank all those who are on duty during this hard times. ‘Clap your hands and clank the utensils at your homes either at the doorstep, verandah or balcony,” he said that this is to show gratitude towards them.

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