Make Your Home Quarantine Memorable

Quarantine is the most highly used word in the last one month. The world believes in quarantine and quarantine only at-least for the next few days or weeks. The literal meaning is the restriction on the movement of people and goods which is intended to prevent the spread of disease. Diseases are dangerous. Many of us are still unable to feel the intensity of corona virus and unknowingly we are acting as a carrier for the spread of disease and risking life of self, family members, loved ones and society. To safeguard human life, quarantine is used as a tool to control spreading of disease and to ensure safety of people.
Quarantine is an unexpected, new, and challenging experience for all human beings. Animals and birds are well adapted to this new environment and started moving freely on the roads. They started breathing fresh air, walking leisurely on the hills,   free movement, enjoying the food, and being with their families. Humans are stuck with their old pattern of living. Worried about meeting their ends. They feel life has changed overnight and not prepared for it.
Eventually, changes are happening now and then. Animals and birds are able to realize it and preparing themselves for every moment and are able to connect with nature to adapt for it. For humans, we are stuck with the routine, unable to see the changes happening in and around us until it creates an alarm, and completely disconnected from nature. Changes are hard when we think its difficult. In the fast paced life, we never got an opportunity to spend time with our families and loved ones. Lot has changed in the past and we move on postponing happiness for future. Nevertheless, the roles and responsibilities we play now has changed drastically and unexpected job description is given to us. Accept new role and live graciously.
The undefined new roles has to be played within four walls instead of cabins, supervisor or manager’s role is played by the house department head, children replaces the peer groups, other members in the family are guest relations or public relation officers and neighbors are office vendors or suppliers. Mapping makes things work  easy. When we understand this broader picture its very easy to handle nitty-gritty of the new role. Sounds interesting to explore, right!
Preparation is the key for acceptance. Prepare your mind to accept this new life and be ready to open doors for many fortunes. Being with family educate us the value of people in workplace, playing with kids opens door for creativity and enhanced productivity, doing household chores helps in organizing and prioritizing the task, having food together with family gives the feel of being oneness in the organization and cleaning of house helps to discard unpleasant incidents and memories in life.
The best lessons learnt from quarantine are family is the priority, prevention is better than cure, save for rainy days, minimalistic living, be with nature, adapt for change, generate passive income, home remedies are the best medicine, and life is worth living in each and every moment.
Expect the unexpected events to happen in life. Prepare for uncertainties, think beyond limitations, live for the moment, be with family, value people and celebrate life. Happy quarantine time to be with our family members, enjoy our hobbies, and create memories for life.
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