The well – being of a mind is always debatable. The mind is something that tends to function naturally and unknowingly. The thoughts travel through islands, dives deep into the sea, and spread its wings in the entire universe. It is super-natural and super-functional. The energy and power of the mind can transform anything and everything. Ever an interesting field of study for researchers.
The mind is the treasure house of the human soul. Western culture understands its very well and speaks about it openly. Their mode of understanding people’s emotions and feelings through rationalizing and reasoning it out. Hence, a lot of contributions in the field of studying mind due to their lifestyle The Asian culture, especially Indians mind is to manage by way of living. Culture and traditions naturally take care of the mind. They believe in understanding through signs and symbols. The people’s way of living encouraged them to realize the internal world automatically than projecting it out. The need for talking about mind was not required then as life was smooth. The necessity has come to vocal about mind and wellness due to changes in lifestyle and partial adaptation of Western and Indian culture.
Why do we need to talk about the mind? The mind is a powerful weapon. The trained mind is a beautiful mind that allows only good thoughts and filters irrelevant matters. Its always in the state of peace and knows to distinguish the things which are under control and accept the things beyond our control. The untrained mind absorbs all negative thoughts, blame self, and others. It hardly gets time to analyze the reality, worried about meager incidents, manipulate things way beyond imagination, think incidents which are beyond our control, restless and agitation, and lacks control over everything. Now, we know whether our mind is trained or untrained.
The untrained mind can be trained to see the best of everything. More essentially it learns to understand inner peace and stay calm in any situation. The simple and effective techniques to train minds are:

(1) Manage your thoughts – Thoughts are exhibited through words. It can either create or destroy life. So choose your words properly to have healthy thoughts

(2) Involve in the present – Mind is the storehouse of information and memories. We have the habit of mulling over on past incidents and engage in future life. The present is always underutilized. So be in the present moment and work actively

(3) Negotiate with your thoughts and behavior – We have the choice to choose the best for all of us. When we get negative feelings and emotions try to change it with your behavior in the first go. Then negotiate with your mind to change the feelings of seeing from a different perspective

(4) Determine to challenge – convert adverse situations to your advantage. Any advantage had a hidden benefit and opens a new door for fortunes. Be ready to grab your opportunity.
The simple and best way to train your mind is to practice the pause. A few seconds of pause before acting or talking or reacting will bring a difference in the whole approach. To know the power of pause, when you are angry or having a heated discussion with someone, consciously take a pause for a few seconds and then continue with your flow. These few seconds of pause would change the entire scenario and naturally make things work for you.
We are the master trainer of our minds. Regular practice and conscious change in thinking patterns, choosing the right words, and openly speaking about emotions and picking up the right feelings will help in the transformation of the mind. Its always good to speak about your mind to well-wishers and family members. Manage your mind to manage your life.

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