Be Happy, Make Others Happy Thru’ Healthy Relationship

Relationship means having mixture of emotions and feelings for self and others. We are always in a dilemma to exhibit which emotions to express, when, whom & why. Such questions are always at the back of our mind & finds its way difficult in the entire process. The word itself says “Relation – Relate” and “Ship – Sail”. The relationship is only successful when we Relate with people and Sail through hardship in life. We all would be happy, if there is a fool proof method available for building successful relationship. Fortunately, its still in the exploring phase but certain proven techniques are available to keep the relationship alive. So, its a choice of an individual to work on his or her relationship.
Most of the time, people says I suffer from this relationship and feels suffocation inside. This could be due to various problems but the choice was ours to suffocate than to feel better or work on the relationship. We failed to realize, the choice was made by us due to our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This factors worsen the situations and disturbs our mind.
A small shift in the thinking process can lead to have a healthy relationship. This could be seeing the things in the right perspective, instead of focusing on a person, analyze the situations and draw a conclusion based on the facts and not on emotional beliefs. Its quite advisable to have a healthy discussion not debating on the things. There is a thin line of difference between the two. Discussion focus on the issues or matters in a neutral manner where as debate leads to people centric approach. Again the choice is yours to choose.
The primarily meaning of relationship has different ways for different people. Ultimately it must have concern respect for each other and love and trust to keep the momentum active.
In order to have a healthy relationship, it requires few key ingredients such as:
(1) Healthy communication – open, simple and to the point.
(2) Make a choice – things to ignore, let go of the past and make an appropriate choice.
(3) Emotional bank account: deposit when you feel happy and make others happy. Withdraw when you don’t.
Remember, a happy and healthy relationship requires two healthy and happy individuals, again, the choice is yours!
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