Autism Child’s Ability To Learn And Build Lifeskills

Autism, a neurological developmental disorder; is the third most common developmental disability that affects communication, social interaction, cognition and behavioral aspects. Autism is also commonly know as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), since it’s symptoms and characteristics appears in variety of combination that affect in different ways.
Some common challenges a child with Autism faces are – Lack of communication and social interaction with others to maintain relationship. Restriction to adapt to any changes in surrounding or in daily routine, Hyper sensitive to sounds, touch, taste, colour and lights; it may be overwhelming or physically painful.
Trouble in expressing feelings in a way other people can understand. Difficulty in focusing on something other than their interest. Despite these challenges the child possess certain abilities and strength. By blending these abilities and skills we create a happy place and more successful person they become. Some of their strengths are – They have terrific memory. They have much better memory on all kinds of critical details. They are logical in their thinking and have a great desire to Science and Mathematical calculations. They live in the moment. They are attracted towards sensory inputs that surrounds them. They are truly passionate about the things, ideas and special interest in their lives.
Children with autism are honest and punctual & are always direct in their communication. They adhere to rules and are keen on following the rules. More than acceptance, which already exist due many awareness campaign and programs, it is understanding them that is very much required and the need of the hour. Hence knowing their abilities and disabilities, their strength and challenges with appropriate guidance and support, we can help them to excel in their life. Every child with Autism has the ability to learn and build life skills.We must focus on those strengths and help them to achieve their potential through persistence, patience and abundance of love and understanding.
—Supriya Sathish,
Yasha Academy, 9443759361

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