Prozone Mall To Host 3-Day Sport Event From April 12

In a first, Prozone Mall’s ‘Prozone Open’, the mega sporting event will be held for three days starting from April 12. It would have 8 major sport events conducted in four different venues.
The events will be organised by PACE 3. The event which is co-sponsored by Vardhaman Textiles, Mahavir Laminates, Drunken Monkey and Sri Sakthi Engineering college will host about 8 sports event which include chess, cycling, carrom, bowling, box cricket, football, badminton and roller skating. Cycling, Carrom, Bowling and Chess will be conducted at the Prozone Mall.
The sports will be held age wise under professional sports associations with set international rules and standards.
Praveen Methil, Centre Director of Prozone mall, Coimbatore said, “We have organised this event to provide opportunity to sportsmen of different proficiency to be able to participate. Over the years we plan to improvise and add many more sports to provide a platform for eager sportsmen.”

The sports like badminton and roller skates are to be held at Guna sports club in Kalapatti. Football will be held in Area 641, Pappanaickenpalayam and Box cricket will be held Sports Training and Fitness unit at MTP road between April 12 to April 14th.
All these games are held for different age groups and are refereed by authorised sporting organisation to maintain international standards.
“About 2500 students are expected to participate in all these events and the registration have already begun for all the games”, said Pallavi Kotecha from PACE 3, the organisers of the mega sporting event.
Gift vouchers and trophies will be presented to the winners sponsored by INOX, Annapoorna, Smily Kiddos, Skechers and Fun Unlimited.
There are no spot registrations available and it is mandatory to register yourself prior.
For all queries related to participation and registration, call 98949 11763, 87542 00931.

—Surya Harish

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