Cryotherapy Combined With Physiotherapy Helps To Stay Fit

Do you want to be fit? Is obesity causing you problems? Does it interfere with your day to day activities? Do not despair says Augustine Joseph, the Chief of First Physio @ Itham Centre, RS Puram which has the first cryotherapy unit in Coimbatore.
Cryotherapy in the exposure of the body surface to very low temperature (between -1100 to -1800c), for a very short period of time (from 2 to 3 minutes).
It activates the metabolism and mobilization of accumulated fats. People want to exercise but find it difficult because of overweight. A combination of cryotherapy and physiotherapy alongwith watch on the diet will help kick start the process. It encourages the person to pursue and continue the fitness exercises.
As whole body cryotherapy promotes release of endorphins and other natural substances that produces a feeling of wellbeing and positivity.
We use whole body cryotherapy for patients with chronic pain and injuries in sports person. Efficiency of cryotherapy is increased in combination with other physiotherapeutic treatments. Many researchers report a positive effect of cryotherapy in rheumatic patients before physical exercises due to suppression of constraint and pain in the joints. For details call 8903540001.

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