It’s Seventh Heaven for Kovai Metro

Your favourite Kovai Metro neighbourhood weekly newspaper is back with its anniversary issue. And this comes after a hiatus due to COVID-19 lockdown that crippled normal life thereby making people confined to homes. The city wore a deserted look with shops closed, vehicles off the roads, public transport system including trains being suspended and curtains down on cinema halls and malls.
In short, people started to live a new normal lifestyle amidst this lockdown. However, thanks to Local Administration Minister S P Velumani and District Collector K Rajamani for playing a proactive role in combating the virus spread eventually making the district corona free. And the service rendered by the frontline warriors like doctors, nurses, para medical staff and cleanliness staff risking their lives was something great.
Coming to Kovai Metro, the weekly newspaper that is close to the heart of readers mostly residents besides advertisers, service organisations, school heads has successfully completed its sixth year and now steps into a sagacious seventh year to explore the needs of both readers and advertisers. Getting the right immunity boost through ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’, the Team Kovai Metro now sports a vibrant look to go the extra mile in catering to the varied interests of readers.
No denying the fact that Kovai Metro’s columnists historian Rajesh Govindarajulu’s ‘Classic Kovai’ was indeed a class apart that became the talk of the town while not to speak of psychologist Chellam Narendiran of Srijan Counselling Services, who traced the different behavioural attitudes of both the parents and their wards and gave useful tips thru’ her weekly write-ups nay words of advice. It had a good impact among the readers.
For any publication be it daily, weekly or monthly, the main source of revenue is from advertisers, who really are the backbone for running the show uninterrupted. Looking back the road travelled by Kovai Metro, it’s really fascinating as it got good patronage from advertisers and reading public more so the residents in the localities served by this paper. No doubt, the space marketing head is behind the success of this paper. And no exaggeration to say that Kovai Metro reached a larger audience for its contents with a good display of ads and printed colourfully at famed The Hindu printing house. But the real hero of the paper is ‘Distribution Boys’, who after collecting it from a point drop at the respective residential areas allotted to them.
Weathered many storms, Kovai Metro continues to reach the residents week after week with loads of info pertaining to the city. The team spirit in Kovai Metro has made this possible. Let’s make this an eventful seventh year.

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