KG Hospital Chairman Honoured With ‘Exemplary Teacher of India Award’

KG Hospital chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam was honoured with “Iconic Medical and Spiritual Guru, Guide and Exemplary Role Model Teacher of India Award” on Teachers’ Day. Doctors VP. Shanmugasundaram, Giri, Rao, Bhaskar, Balasubramaniyam and Manoj presented the award.
The honour was bestowed on him by all doctors, nurses, technicians, staff and employee of KG Hospital at a function held at the hospital auditorium on September 5, 2019. And the citation reads as follows: “Honourable Vice-President M.Venkaiah Naidu has conferred the nationally recognized prestigious Emeritus Medical Teacher of Excellence Award on Dr G Bakthavathsalam. He is a congenital teacher and a lifelong student. He has conducted thousands of Continuing Medical Education Programmes, DNB Post Graduate teaching meetings, Clinical meetings, Public Education CPR meetings, Television Teachings for General Public and Amazing YouTube and WhatsApp videos.
Dr Bakthavathsalam in his acceptance speech said that Lord Krishna was the Best Teacher in the world who taught Arjuna about life and human relations about 5,000 years ago. “Teachers are the backbone of the society.
They serve as a ladder to lift up the students. They are placed in exalted position, next only to mother and father. Respect all your teachers, right from the elementary school level to the professional level and keep in touch with them,” Dr Bakthavathsalam added.

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