Homage To Namma Ooru Nanammal

Nanammal, wife of Venkatasami was born at Zamin Kaliyapuram and was living with family at Ganapathy, Kovai. She passed away at the age 99, Oct 26, 2019.
Yogini, mother of five children never went to any hospital. She learnt yoga from her chittappa and an expert in silambattam as well.
Unfortunately Tamilnadu missed a great women who is well supported, trained everybody in yoga, to keep one healthy, mitigate stress, cholesterol, apathy, high blood pressure and what not?
She has nearly 150 awards, 6 national awards. Approximately in 2014 received Karnataka Yoga Rathina it was so late. 2016 received National Nari Shakti Puraskar award from former President of India Pranab Mukherjee at the age of 93 added four more medals.
There used to be a turning point in everybody’s life. She went to see, with some of her students, Ramanathapuram national competition, 2003 with 1500 competitors. A lady performed sarvangasanam wrongly, praised by the judge and about to be awarded the prize. Nanammal shouted and stopped, on request by the judge, without hesitation folded the sari and performed to be appreciated by all. That made her to participate in all competitions.
Such a great lady gone without due recognition even by ladies organization. YouTube showed her next to an American women. Let her soul rest in peace.
Even today how many students without proper nutritious food and uniform compete and bring trophies. Let us draw programme to bring to light many Nanammals. Nammalvan to add glory to the nation.
The life of Nanammal should find place in school textbooks to draw inspiration. We pray for her.
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