Don’t Try To Follow Trends, Create Them

Trendz is the captivating word right from kids to youngsters to adults. People are much enthralled by trendy words, trolls, teasers and memes. It engages everyone actively and makes them hyperactive with situational terms and actions. Much excited and expressed moment wherever and whenever the word trend gets pop-up in the mind. Trendy rumours dominate the cinematic world; attractive words dominate the business and trendy sarcastic comments dominate the relationship.
In the so-called busy, modernized and techie world people wanted to associate themselves with trends only. Name it anything and everything. Without seeing trends nothing has got a meaning to it. We see trends in every aspect of life. How about a trendy mind? Mind itself twists and twister only. What trend will the mind picks up does matter in seeing the world and life.
Though all generations are part of the trendy generations of their period; these days’ youngsters are the trendsetters especially in picking up the words and actions. This reminds of an incident in the restaurant whereas a bunch of youngsters joined for lunch. One by one was joining the club and behaved well for quite a few minutes.
As the team formed, the exchanges of words and actions were very colloquial. It was very much interesting to see the young blood in action. They were throwing loving words to each other, showing care and affection, sharing food, teasing someone in the group, small fights and patch-ups, timely jokes, running commentary and so on.
When get to see their other side of behaviours, all the cherished moments were no more worthy to carry as a memory. As time passes, the real side of the youngsters was showing. Talking with irritation to others, smalls fights turned out to be a dirty show, no respect in their words and actions for others, no self-respect as talking and behaving so badly in public. The people in the restaurant were showing faces and waiters or the restaurant manager were unable to utter a single word as the customer is king.
When some middle-aged man had a mind to go and ask, why don’t you guys behave properly in public places? Do appreciate your privacy and freedom. Nothing at the cost of your self-respect and other’s respect in public areas. The young blood immediately throws an answer saying it’s the trend in our age group. We don’t mind behaving in such a manner and you guys need to be accepting us the way we are.
That’s where the word trend gave a nice slap on everyone’s face. The desolate part is that they don’t understand the real meaning of the trend. They feel being trendy is behaving something weird in public, talking to everyone without respect, dressing as they wish to any places, fighting in common places, loving in public and be anything at any time. It is called as unaccepted social behavior and not accepted trend.
The trend is in mind. The trendy mind knows to pick and choose and behave well in a socially accepted manner. The nurtured mind talks with respect to each other, accept the people they are for, enjoys group conversation, makes fun without hurting others, respect the public places and properties, and maintains the social decorum. The person who feels trendy always respects themself so that he rewards other’s opinions and values. Such public behavior is appreciated and nourished by everyone. They are stored in our minds as unforgettable memorable memories.
Youngsters are rock stars. You set trends not only for your generations but for the generations to come. TREND is defined as T – Encash your Talent, R – Relate with People, E – Engage Productively, N – Nurture your Mind and Body, and D – Dare to Dream Big. When you want to call yourself as a trendy person remember this TREND and shine in life.
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